Where is 2013 Going?

It appears that we have neglected our family blog, and looking at the photo’s on the home page I realise it is time to update them.

We have had all the girls birthdays (including mine), and NJ’s is this months and then FJ’s is in October, which is rapidly heading towards Christmas.

We have also had 2 camping breaks, one at spring bank with friends, and the most recent was the last 2 weeks, where we visited Northumberland and camped for 10 nights.

All the children are moving up a year, and AJ is also moving to a new school, which one we don’t know as we have gone to appeal and have another 10 days to wait until we know. FJ goes up into year 2, and TJ moves into Pre-school.

NJ is still working hard, but actually managed to switch off from work whilst we were away.

I’m still doing my Phoenix Cards, and hope to be building a team soon.

I’ll try to post about our holiday and about Phoenix cards this week, we will see how life pans out!

KJ x