2012 blogging for The Five Joneses seems to have been very quiet, so we have decided to join the 365 Project and take a picture a day, hopefully this will help us to remember 2013 with words and pictures and help you get an insight into our life.

Here is day 1.


The kids in their prime position watching telly!



Yesterday we joined in the village garden and scarecrow trail, the kids were not overly impressed with the thought of going out, but eventually they got dressed and off we went.

There were 16 venues to visit and I thought just over 3 hours would give us plenty of time to look round everything that was going on. How wrong could I be? We only managed a mere 7 venues! Thankfully after speaking to a few other people were not alone with this failure.

There were lovely gardens to look at, drinks to be had, food to eat and even one house had the TV on so people could watch the tennis. We were amazed at one garden (and house) as from the front it looks like a small bungalow, but not only is it a large bungalow / house, it also had a huge amount of land, a place that would be brilliant for the kids.

I think we struggled a little with pace and looking due to TJ not wanting to go in the backpack carrier much, she wanted to walk, but not hold hands, and we were on roads and then she was hanging off who ever was carrying her! We wrestled with her to get her in and then she was happy as she could see lots!

The kids liked the local residential house that has a lovely play area (all wooden), I think they would have been happy to spend all afternoon there, I was very impressed with it too and will definitely take the kids back there when they have another open day.

We were fortunate with the weather too, it was forecast to rain, but it held off until 5pm, so we got a little wet as we walked / ran the last meters home, but in the end we all agreed it was a good afternoon and much better than just staying and playing when the weather was so nice.