Beauty #TheGallery

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so it is said. Therefore anything can be a thing of beauty, and that makes this a very difficult gallery, how am I to pick just one thing that sums up beauty? Of course there are my 3 beautiful children (although they really are not pretty when they are in full tantrum mode!), there are then flowers and trees, views or country and coast, pictures and photo’s, so I am now struggling as to what to pick, I think a collage is the way to go.



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The Next 4 Weeks

I have decided that it would be great to record a whole summer holiday, what we have done, who we have seen and hopefully how much fun we have had!

So in that vein, I am going to do a post at the end of each week (Mon to Fri) for the next 4 weeks, to talk about our adventures, hopefully post some pictures too. The last two weeks NJ is off work, so that will be a separate post, all about the family together.

I have some plans already in place, seeing friends, visiting family and hopefully some crafty things, we shall see though how it all goes, fingers crossed there will be lots of smiles and laughter and not too much tears and tantrums. I have a feeling though AJ will not feature much as she has already spent most of today playing on her bike with friends.

I’ll put my first post up on Friday / Saturday and if anyone wants to join in it would be great to see how everyone else spends their summer holidays, I’ll put a linky up if there are any takers!

Graduation Memories

Taking AJ to gymnastics tonight I drove past our town’s university (as I always do) and noticed that graduation was in full swing. I was reminded of my graduation almost 15 years ago. Seeing the students (or graduates as they now are) in their gowns, that were the same as mine made me smile and think back to what my day was like.

I don’t remember much of the day, my parents took me & NJ out for dinner (although that may have been the night before) and I remember siting in the Town Hall waiting to hear my discipline read out and then my name, it felt strange sitting there, but that is another story.

My biggest memory of the day comes after my parents had headed for home, and a few of us were left in the Students Union still drinking and still in our smart attire. NJ got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, (I told him to get up, he would get his suit dirty), I didn’t believe him at first but he insisted it was real and took my amethyst ring off my right hand and put it on my left hand. I did say yes, even though we had only been together for 6 months I knew that he was ‘the one’ and it was what I wanted. I don’t remember much else apart from lots of alcohol flowing, excited friends and many phone calls to friends and family. There was no facebook, or mobile phones for me to get the information out quickly without actually talking to people. If I remember rightly we had beans on toast for our tea and then headed out again to celebrate at the student unions night club.

It wasn’t a romantic proposal, and it wasn’t a planned proposal, NJ will often say that he was drunk, and had taken painkillers, so he wasn’t thinking straight, but whether that was true or not, the proposal was not taken back and almost 15 years later we have 3 children and are still together.

They are my memories of the day / event, it might be interesting if NJ would write a post on his memories and see if we remember it the same.

What was your biggest memory of your graduation?