A Boyfriend!

AJ is now 9, and although is far from being a teenager, she is growing and maturing rapidly in front of us, I wanted to record this little special time, so when she is older she can look back and hopefully remember how the first steps into relationships felt like.

Last week AJ brought home a gift from a boy at school, some bath salts (I am guessing mum didn’t want them anymore!). When I questioned if this boy was her boyfriend she went all coy and smiled and said maybe, “he said he loves me”. When asked if she loved him, ” I don’t know”, which I was quite happy to hear, 9 is far too young to be in love. However I do think it’s sweet that she has a boyfriend, and I have been assured that there has been no kissing, and I have commented back that there is plenty of time for kissing when you are older.

She went off on her first residential this weekend (another blog post), I asked if she would be sitting with her boyfriend and she said on one of the journeys! True to her word, as I saw her off on the coach on Friday she was taking a seat next to him. I hope on the return journey she sits with her best friend, although I think they may all sleep on the way home, it sounded like it would be a tiring weekend.

One friend of mine felt unsure of the use of the word ‘boyfriend’ at such a young age, what do you think? What age did you and or your child have their first ‘boyfriend / girlfriend?


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