The Next 4 Weeks

I have decided that it would be great to record a whole summer holiday, what we have done, who we have seen and hopefully how much fun we have had!

So in that vein, I am going to do a post at the end of each week (Mon to Fri) for the next 4 weeks, to talk about our adventures, hopefully post some pictures too. The last two weeks NJ is off work, so that will be a separate post, all about the family together.

I have some plans already in place, seeing friends, visiting family and hopefully some crafty things, we shall see though how it all goes, fingers crossed there will be lots of smiles and laughter and not too much tears and tantrums. I have a feeling though AJ will not feature much as she has already spent most of today playing on her bike with friends.

I’ll put my first post up on Friday / Saturday and if anyone wants to join in it would be great to see how everyone else spends their summer holidays, I’ll put a linky up if there are any takers!


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