A tiny Pixie at about 7 weeks.

Pixie is our Tabby and White kitten, life has been quite traumatic since she joined us, and today she has been to the vets to get neutered, I am sure she will not be happy with us at all!

We picked Pixie and her sister Willow up when they were approximately 9 weeks old, unfortunately within a week Willow got so ill that she had to be put to sleep, this was very traumatic for us and Pixie, she suddenly was a little kitten all on her own. The kittens had come from the RSPCA, and they were very unhappy with what had happened, of course the kittens seemed fine when we took them home and unfortunately sometimes these things do happen. Moving forward though we decided we wanted another kitten to keep Pixie company.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and we were to pick up Merlin a Ginger and White kitten we had chosen, it was a couple of weeks before we were due to go away, which we thought was plenty of time for them to become friends. FJ had other ideas, poor Pixie got her paw squashed in his door! We heard a very loud screech and on inspection (once I could get near her!) we found her paw bleeding, on a Saturday evening this was not good timing. Off to the vets I went, Pixie was bandaged and booked in for the Monday morning, and then a phone call to the RSPCA to let them know we couldn’t get Merlin yet as Pixie was injured and it wouldn’t be fair on her. Pixie did look funny with her paw bandaged up and a lampshade round her neck, especially when she started running with it pushed forward!

Pixie with her bandage and lampshade on!

Luckily the wound healed (after a week of having a bandage on), but it was too late to get Merlin before our camping trip. So poor Pixie was to be left alone, but would get some company twice a day from a very helpful friend, as we did not want her going in a cattery after all she had been through.

Once back from our holiday, she wasn’t given time to recover from our absence when we introduced this very playful Ginger kitten! She was not best pleased, I have never heard a kitten or cat for that matter growl, I thought that was something dogs did! She growled and hissed quite a lot, and then the poor thing was taken to have her second lot of vaccinations and a microchip put in. Gradually though as the week progressed the nasty fighting, growling and hissing calmed down and the playful fighting ensued. Now they will even sleep together, it is lovely to see.

The kittens are friends

The story is not yet finished though as a week after the chip was put in I found the microchip on the living room floor, a phone call to the vets and then a visit to the local Pets at Home store (with a vets inside) we discovered that the microchip was Pixie’s, we have no idea how it happened, but apparently it can happen.

Last night she (and Merlin) were starved of food and then she was bundled into the carrier, after only 1 escape, and taken to the vets. I had a phone call at midday, and I did have to hold my breath, luckily all was well, she was coming round from the aesthetic and we just need to make an appointment to collect her. NJ picked her up on the way home, and was told she needed to keep calm and have a light meal and to keep her away from her brother!!

Merlin was not impressed at being kept away and Pixie is not too impressed either, I’ve put her a lampshade on again, stops her from licking her wound and also slows her down! She is currently sat under the desk with her back to me, she is definitely a grumpy kitten.

Pixie after her op, definitely grumpy!

I am hoping after her return to the vets to get her stitches out there will be no more visits to the vets for quite some time. The next adventure will be letting her out into the big wild world!

Watching the washing


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